Terms of Service

Intellectual Property
Gro Australia is the owner and retains all such Intellectual Property rights in relation to all materials and imagery supplied for the purpose of performing the services for its members as listed in this agreement.

Ownership of Materials Created by Gro Australia
Where the Images and Documentation supplied to Gro Australia by the Client, is not the owner of the Intellectual Property rights. The Client undertakes to use reasonable endeavors to obtain a licence to permit Gro Australia to use those images and documents.

Confidential Information
Gro Australia and the Client intend to work together and to share confidential information in relation to the services outlined in our “Growing Together” Agreement”. Any confidential information disclosed between the two parties must be held “Confidential”.

Gro Australia Bank Details
ANZ Bank – BSB: 017 538
Account No: 189296473

All Payment to be made by the 28th of each month though Direct Debit to Blake Family Trust


1. Scope of Work: Gro Australia agrees to provide no fewer than 30 photos for You (The Client) to view after the shoot, and is not required [...]

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